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Prevent and diagnose SAP performance problems

The interconnected nature of SAP with other business applications makes it difficult to monitor and diagnose performance issues through the entire business transaction. AppDynamics gives end-to-end visibility of the performance of complete business transaction flows, including SAP and cloud systems.

AppDynamics bring send-to-end business transaction visibility to SAP

AppDynamics can be used by both business process and technical users. As an example, an online shopping transaction might start with a customer’s web browser, then flow through your firewall, a load balancer, a web server, and then an SAP system that connects to a database. It can get complicated very quickly.

With AppDynamics, this transaction flow becomes transparent. You can see exactly how long each step of the business transaction takes. This is useful for both systems administrators and the owners of the revenue stream or business process; AppDynamics presents this information in a business-friendly flow map which is easy to understand.

Order to fulfillment journeyOrder to fulfillment journey
AppDynamics operationalizing machine dataAppDynamics operationalizing machine data

Operationalizing Machine Data to Reveal Security Issues

When performance problems occur, the complexity of the system landscape and lack of communication between different teams can lead to long and unco-ordinated troubleshooting and resolution, with an unacceptably high Mean Time to Repair (MTTR). If every team works with their legacy tools that limit insights to their specific part of the transaction flow, people start to shift the blame, instead of identifying the source of the problem.

AppDynamics breaks through these communication barriers by translating system activity into a common dashboard and language, focused around a business transaction. Not only can you identify the root cause of system performance issues down to the line of ABAP or Java code, but you will also understand its effect on business transactions.

Understand your S/4HANA migration performance impact

If you are planning an S/4HANA migration, understanding the impact it will have on your end-users and business transactions can help you reduce the risk of such a visible project.

AppDynamics speeds up the migration by automatically detecting business transactions from ECC, establishing baselines, and highlighting upstream and downstream dependencies. This data is then used during the migration, go-live dress rehearsals, and post go-live phases to proactively highlight potential performance issues and understand how well your migration is going. AppDynamics for SAP supports on-premise or cloud deployments of SAP business applications.

S/4HANA migration performance dashboard

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