Cenoti: Bring the Power of Splunk to SAP

Manage your entire security landscape from one place

Traditionally, SAP systems rely on teams of specialized engineers. However, their complexity and criticality to business operations often exceed the capacity of smaller technology teams.

Our proprietary software, Cenoti is a connector for Splunk and SAP that allows you to listen to your data with security and event monitoring across the enterprise.

Evolutio links SAP systems to modern monitoring and analytics engines. We can integrate SAP with AppDynamics to monitor business transactions end-to-end, down to the ABAP line of code. With Cenoti we connect SAP with Splunk, so you can manage your entire security landscape with a single product, eliminating a common ERP security blind spot.

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Splunk brings all your data security together

Compliance, the risk of security incidents, and reputational risk in a connected world: these are just a few of the reasons why data protection and security are increasingly ranked as top priorities in organizations across the globe. Evolutio integrates Splunk into your operations to monitor and secure your enterprise systems, and improve your data privacy compliance.

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