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We operationalize data platforms to monitor, troubleshoot and secure your enterprise systems

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Operationalize Your Data

Performance Analytics

Integrate application performance monitoring into operations to get a powerful strategic overview of the impact of system performance on costs and productivity.

Security & Compliance

Analyze and secure systems by integrating powerful big data analyses into your business operations.

AppDynamics for SAP

Monitor and diagnose performance issues through the entire business transaction. AppDynamics gives end-to-end visibility of the performance of complete business transaction flows, including SAP and cloud systems.

Cenoti: Splunk for SAP

Our proprietary software, Cenoti is a connector for Splunk and SAP that allows you to listen to your data with security and event monitoring across the enterprise.

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News and Events

Evolutio and The STEM Connection brought you November Quick Wins

We are very excited to share that Evolutio sponsored the November STEM Quick Wins, by The STEM connection, a non-profit STEM education organization for children. What is STEM Quick Wins? STEM Quick Wins are free digital science, technology, engineering, and […]

Drone Elephant ML App Aids Nonprofit, Team Evolutio Wins Best for CompSci at MSU’s Design Day

Africa loses around four elephants per hour and five rhinos per day. The computer science students on Team Evolutio collaborated with SAP specialists at groupelephant.com to address the crisis with agile development, automation, and machine learning capabilities. EAST LANSING, MICHIGAN […]

Evolutio and EPI-USE Labs collaborate to bring the power of Splunk to SAP Systems at .conf19

Cenoti™ connects your SAP® system to Splunk® Enterprise so you can manage your entire enterprise security monitoring via a single Splunk dashboard. Evolutio and EPI-USE Labs have partnered to create proprietary software called Cenoti, which connects SAP with Splunk Enterprise. […]

AWS re:invent in Las Vegas

This year the infamous AWS re:invent conference will hit Las Vegas on 2 – 6 December 2019. Registrations open on 21 May, so bookmark this link and be sure to meet Evolutio as we learn even more about maximizing the […]