Understanding Business Impact of Application Performance

The How, What and Why of Application Performance Management

With the growing popularity of distributed and cloud based applications, there is increasing complexity in the way enterprise applications depend on each other.

This complexity extends to your ability to identify application performance issues like bottlenecks and unintended system inefficiencies.  Applications that perform poorly could lead to lost revenue, increased costs and end user frustration.

To solve this problem you need two things:

  1. A system that gives you a complete overview and detailed insights into functional relationships and code efficiencies
  2. Operational policies and processes that allow you to maximize the value such a system can bring

Evolutio brings technical expertise into the operational environment by integrating the AppDynamics system into your day-to-day activities.


How we helped Jamf identify and fix application bottlenecks


Jamf went through a rapid growth phase. To scale effectively, Jamf modernized its code base and adopted DevOps strategies to enable more frequent releases. This strategy necessitated better monitoring and early detection of problems before it becomes visible to its rapidly expanding user base.

Evolutio architected and assisted with the install, deployment, and configuration of a monitoring and detection solution for JAMF Pro and JAMF now environments.

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